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Bring On The Bling, Baby

Robbie was out with Aashi the other night when a woman walking by glanced at her, came over and suddenly exclaimed “Que linda! She has her ears pierced!” And then with a proud knowing grin, said, “She’s Latina, isn’t she.” Robbie of course explained that Aashi is part Indian, Filipino, Italian and Spanish. The woman nodded in approval, as if to say “Of course!” And as quickly as she rushed over, she left, but not before declaring, “We love our jewelry, don’t we?”

Yes, “we” do. And by “we,” I do not include the woman at the piercing salon who tried to discourage me from getting it done.

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A Loving Community

In Loving v. Virginia, the United States Supreme Court vindicated one couple’s battle against institutional racism when it struck down Virginia’s law banning interracial marriage. Now, forty-five years later, the number of interracial couples in the United States has reached an all-time high, yet institutional racism and issues affecting mixed race relations persist.  Below (in no particular order) is a select group of reputable organizations promoting awareness and acceptance of mixed race individuals and families, and of the ideals that Loving v. Virginia represents, beginning, of course, with Loving Day: Read more

A Happy Anniversary

“none of us can do it alone, but together we can do a lot” by The Durfs Photography

Robbie and I have a lot to celebrate today. It is our third wedding anniversary and our first one as parents. It seems only fitting that we celebrate our relationship and our world together the same day that we celebrate the birth of our country, the only place capable of setting the stage for the serendipitous events that brought us together. It was the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave that welcomed Robbie’s paternal grandparents, and it was the Land of Opportunity that brought in Robbie’s mother from the Philippines and my parents from India. If this country had not been a beacon of hope and prosperity, then Robbie’s parents might never have met, I might have been born elsewhere, and the events that culminated with Aashi might never have been.

But it would be ignorant to celebrate our nation on its birthday without recognizing those who fought through more turbulent times to make my life, my marriage and my family possible. Read more