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One and Counting

How time flies. On September 30, Aashi turned 1. After a relaxing day recovering from her big birthday bash, we went through her nightly routine, a bath, a book, a lullabye or two. As I was holding her in my arms, about to put her into her crib, she waved at me happily, repeating her new favorite phrase, “bye bye.” It was so innocent and sweet, almost like she was waving goodbye to her first year, so happy to be growing up. And in that sweet moment that I can’t let myself ever ever forget, I just broke down. The tears began falling and I held onto her for as long as I could, trying to remember each and every one of my favorite moments from our first year together, as if remembering could slow the time.

We celebrated her first year with a “Very Hungry Caterpillar” party after Eric Carle’s timeless classic. Thanks to my sister, Shaili Rajput (a.k.a. Bena Mashi and Dr. Rajput), we have some beautiful images capturing the day:

And as with the book, we now have our very own little butterfly, ready to spread her wings and take off.

The Internet Matchmaker

Robbie and I have been doing a lot of online dating lately. It started the way it does for many – with a promising relationship hitting a dead end, leaving the Internet as the most likely source for the “perfect match.” The reason behind our dead end? An out-of-state move to Michigan. Long distance. Of course, Robbie and I are not looking for other partners. Not even best friends (see MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche). For the last two months, Robbie and I have been in an all-consuming online search for the perfect family to fill the void in our “nanny share.” Read more