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A Christmas Message

Christmas this year was truly beautiful, and so too the messages that it brought. From newspaper articles to old favorite movies to Father Sebastian’s homily at Christmas Eve mass, the focus of our country – especially in the wake of the Newtown tragedy – was on our children. Protecting their innocence, loving them, rejoicing in them. While so much of Christmas this year was typical of Milla family tradition, there are a few moments I will never forget that separate this Christmas from all the rest. Reading Susan Katz Miller’s piece, “On Mourning, Christmas, and Interfaith Community” is one of them, and I now share the piece with you. Merry Christmas!

Being Both

Star Ornament

After the tragedy in Newtown, townsfolk gathered together at an interfaith service with Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim and Baha’i prayers. In this moment of great sorrow, we sought solace and inspiration in a gathering that reflects the complex religious pluralism of America in the 21st century.

We do not need to share a creed or dogma in order to share our burdens. Community provides a balm to the believer, the seeker, and the secularist alike in times of trouble. Sitting together, singing together, mourning together, despite theological differences, we are able to experience catharsis, and ephemeral hope.

I feel profoundly grateful to be part of an interfaith families community, a community that allows my family to feel the transcendence of interfaith gatherings on a regular basis. On Sunday, just two days after the Newtown tragedy, we attended the annual Lessons and Carols service for Advent and Christmas. My…

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