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Wedding Nouveau

Last weekend, Robbie and I witnessed the marriage of two good friends, one Hindu and one Catholic, and celebrated their wedding with a party that bespoke a seemingly effortless confluence of two cultures and faiths. Bridesmaids wore bindis, the sweet table had chocolate mousse and methai, and every now and again, the band would take a breather to play old Hindi favorites. The celebration was beautiful, a true testament to the success of the difficult planning that went into it.

And I would know. While wedding season 2012 may be winding down, my sister’s recent engagement (Congratulations, Bena!) has me excitedly involved in planning for 2013. And if a family wedding isn’t enough to look forward to, it turns out I have not one, but three close childhood friends getting married next year.┬áThese four women in my life share more than just the same wedding year though. Common to all of them is a deep-rooted pride in their ethnic and religious backgrounds and traditions – Indian, Greek, Armenian, Jewish. And yet, each of them is also navigating the challenges of planning an intercultural or interfaith wedding. Read more