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A Non-Holiday Tradition

January is over and along with it, those remnant feelings from the holidays of celebration, ritual and tradition. From September to December and through the celebratory season, we make a conscious effort to bring family together, honor age-old practices and create warmth in the home. Robbie and I went to church and temple more, played holiday music, decorated the house and ate our favorite holiday foods.

Holidays 2012

We enjoyed special family traditions too, without which, the holidays just wouldn’t be the same – nachos with my cousins after a weekend of Diwali goodies, chit-chatting with my sister-in-law while wrapping gifts until the wee hours, huevos rancheros on Christmas morning. Observing tradition during the holidays is fun and easy; that is what the holidays call on us to do. By the same token, the holiday season certainly makes January feel bland.

At least that is how I was feeling a couple of weeks ago, unceremoniously packing away Christmas décor with the tv on in the background. And then I heard the new Vonage commercial – the one with the Indian lady who switched to Vonage so she could speak to her mother miles away – the one where she breaks out into an old classic Hindi film song Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar – this song:

Hearing the song, I grew nostalgic. All of a sudden, I was back in my parents’ kitchen where I’d heard them sing this song together for as long as I can remember. I missed them. I missed home and that feeling of happiness and warmth that my parents created in our house day-in and day-out . . . even when there were no holidays . . . even in January.

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